HIP ARTHROPLASTY and Total Hip Arthroplasty

Hip Arthroplasty with AMIS technique

Hip arthritis is a condition that drastically affects the patients' quality of life, due to the intense pain in the hip area, after physical fatigue at first, later on though, the pain lasts for the entire day, even during resting at night while it involves a significant limitation of mobility. There are two major types of arthritis, the most common osteoarthritis and the rheumatoid arthritis.

Up to this day, but also in the near future, there is no pharmaceutical treatment that cures or even alters the condition's course, other than pain management treatments, involving all the side effects of drugs.

When conservative treatments can no longer be of use, advanced conditions of hip arthritis are effectively treated with total arthroplasty, which is the replacement of worn arthritic surfaces with materials called prostheses and currently is one of the most clinically effective surgical procedures, offering better quality of life, without pain and with normal mobility.

Currently the yearly nuber of worldwide arthroplastic surgeries is about a million, while the number is expected to triple until the year 2030.

The first total arthroplastic surgery that took place in Europe was in 1960, and is considered to be one of the most important advances in surgery.

During the last years, there have been great advances with the creation of stronger, longer lasting materials. A great effort has also been made in surgical procedure changes, while the earlier opinions that supported big surgeries entailing large incisions are currently discontinued. As in every surgical field, the current trend in orthopedic surgery is to leave healthy human tissue as intact as possible.


With that knowledge and based on his experience in every conventional form of surgical practice, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Athanasios Tsoutsanis has specialized in AMIS (Anterior Minimal Invasive Surgery) in the city of Paris, France.

HIP ARTHROPLASTY and Full Hip Arthroplasty

HIP ARTHROPLASTY Full Hip Arthroplasty